What is the Sisterhood of Metalsmiths?

The Sisterhood of Metalsmiths is an online community of over 9,500 female metalsmiths, worldwide. A safe and inclusive online space for all females, of all metalsmithing levels & abilities.

We began on Facebook in 2018 where we have a lively, active and supportive group of talented woman metalsmiths. We would love to have you join us there.

We are also on Instagram, where we showcase the work of the talented Sisters within the community. Use #sistersmith or #sisterhoodofmetalsmiths to get your work featured in the Sisterhood of Metalsmiths gallery.

Emma Howell founder of the Sisterhood of Metalsmiths

Emma Howell

I went looking for a group which didn’t exist…

Hello my name is Emma. Creator and founder of this group. How did it start? The way these things often do, I went looking for something that didn’t exist. I was looking for inspiration and personally I find no better inspiration than other female makers.

I am a Silversmith (yes technically a Goldsmith) and I was looking for an all female silversmithing or metalsmithing group and there wasn’t one!

So I started it, and it gave me something to do….….and it certainly did keep me busy, because it took off like a giant snowball!

In the first few months, several thousand members had joined, and now just over twelve months later, the group is close to hitting ten thousand members.