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Health and Safety

Chemicals: Precautions & Information

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As Metalsmiths, we use a lot of different compounds and chemicals. Each chemical has a Material Safety Data Sheet which we recommend that you read. You should ensure that you understand the potential effects, what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required and how to safely store, and dispose of, the chemical that you are using. (Be aware that Safety Data Sheets are often provided by the manufacturer, so they can vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.)

The Safety Data Sheets also contain important information on what First Aid needs to be administered, in the case of accidental ingestion or exposure.

When selecting materials, be aware of disposal guidelines. Many areas have a waste disposal organization that provide services to help ensure these items do not enter the environment and cause harm. Look into your government or council for additional guidance on chemical disposal according to your local laws.

Here is a list of some common chemicals and their MSDS.

Disclaimer: This information provided is for reference and informational purposes only. Those with specific health concerns or questions regarding the products listed or any chemicals used, should contact either the manufacturer or a physician for relevant advice.

Author: April Arotin

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